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Pointvoucher provides an entertainment platform for consumers and a marketing platform for brands. Consumers can download exciting branded mobile games and play their way to real products and experiences for the time they spend interacting with the games. Vouchers can be claimed in the branded voucher shops connected to the game or in the Pointvoucher shop where they will be exposed to games from other partners. Brands will get a plug n play marketing platform with high conversion rates, data & permissions, drive to shop mechanism, huge engagement rates and access to new customers through the platform.

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The goal was to create a “Hero” that would incorporate the logo and communicate Pointvoucher’s core principles: playfullness, gamification and competitiveness. After some research, it has been concluded that table football portrays the exact experience players have when using the Pointvoucher products. It is fun , engaging and you win by scoring points, similar to Pointvoucher’s vouchers-for-points rewarding system.